jicarc_02 Chirpy Thumptums

by Joint Intelligence Committee



Category: Flagrant

This is from 2006 and is enigmatically labelled "Paul solo & Phil" although it's clearly a regular JIC session. It might be I'd done more preparation of P3 sequences and sounds prior to Phil arriving as I sometimes did. The long, freeform improvisations seem quite pleasing to me, especially as, again, I don't remember them all that well.

I think I probably apologised at the time for the terrible keyboard guitar in front of Phil. I was probably stoned and thought it a good idea, as you do. This may also explain some of my noodles elsewhere in this collection. So the offending twanginess is in track 5 that I've wittily just named. I'm naming these as I go, hopefully Phil wouldn't mind as if they had actual working titles, the chances of me remembering them so long after are nil.

I hope you agree that jicarc02 is a good followup to the first. I think it's better, at least more cohesive, a bit like an album. We did that as often as poss, usually in about an hour in Wavelab from the day's or weekend's material. It made an instant CDR that I occasionally refined. So you may get either version in these archives. I'll try to keep the repeats out of the way as much as possible unless they work differently in a different context. That's another thing, the tracks do have a running order. It might be an odd one though as I didn't always prioritise lining up the track boundaries.

Another thought. Blimey, getting like my blog for talking bollocks. No, thought gone. Ah yes, track 5 is a corker. I may have written this before. What else? Well I made some small level tweaks in this one and deleted a few bars in track 1 where the keyboard part was distorted. It would have annoyed me to leave it. I won't fiddle unduly though unless I notice things like that, only shaving off the big, hairy warts.

As long as Bandcamp will let me, I'll make all the JIC archive stuff free /pay if you like.


released August 31, 2013



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